AUKENRN Large Gas Fireplace Logs| 9 Piece Set of Ceramic Wood Logs for All Types of Indoor, Gas Inserts, Ventless & Vent Free, Ethanol, Electric, Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire Pits, Burning Accessories

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6 Piece Set of Gas Logs

The ceramic gas logs are made of the finest lightweight ceramic fibers and can withstand temperatures of 1000 degrees Celsius without scratching or damaging the fireplace surface.

Ornamental effect. Ceramic gas logs have unparalleled true flame effect, excessive dynamic, changing, natural, which is incomparable with other
heating equipment, including air conditioning. Wood fireplace adopts the most natural heating mode, without electromagnetic, radiation, comfortable and healthy, non-drying.

High cost performance ratio. The heating cost of ceramic gas log fireplace is only one third of that of air conditioning heating. Although the
purchase price is slightly higher, the use price is very cheap. The ash produced by combustion has less pollution to the environment and is very environmentally friendly.

The conditions of use are not limited. In winter, when the temperature is low or the power is cut off, the air conditioner can not be used normally,
but the gas logs are not affected by the weather, not damp, and can be used in any bad weather.

Taste and status symbols. Ceramic log fireplace is used in Western countries, which symbolizes the identity and taste of users, especially
when it is spread to China. Especially when friends or family reunion, gas fireplace must be the focus of people's eyes, and attract many envious eyes.

These natural gas ceramics logs are important supplements to traditional natural gas logs, rock logs, burning embers, fireplaces, pit glass or lava
rocks. Every log has been carefully carved and perfected to imitate the true beauty of nature and to serve our eco-friendly world at the same time.

If you are not satisfied with the product you choose, please return your unused ceramic gas logs to Amazon, get a full refund, and choose another AUKENRN gas logs.
DIMENSIONS: AUKENRN 5 Piece Set of Gas Logs Size: These fireplace logs range in size from 10.0". Four 10" and Five 9.5". Scope of application: suitable for all kinds of fireplace, including gas free gas fireplace, outdoor gas fireplace, indoor gas fireplace, direct ventilation, zero clearance, natural gas, gel, standard fire pit, fake fireplace, electric fireplace insert, smoke-free hearth, propane fireplace, propane fire pit, alcohol fireplace, gel fireplace, etc. Safety of use: AUKENRN 's natural gas logs burn clean, clear and bright, and do not pollute or release any dust or residue into the air, unlike some low-quality fireplace logs. Use effect: These ceramic fiber gas logs look like real fireplace logs in a fire. When burning, you can even see orange/red hot spots under the wood. It can be used to supplement existing natural gas logs, burst flame logs, igniters, igniters, burst flame logs, igniters, burning embers and lavas. After-sales service: We are committed to solving any product/service problems you may encounter. We believe you will be 100% satisfied with the quality and design of our products. Visit Amazon Store to see our website:

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